About The Clientele

The Clientele are a British indie pop band based in London, which formed in 1991. The band are currently composed of lead singer/guitarist Alasdair MacLean, drummer Mark Keen and bassist James Hornsey. Since their inception, the Clientele have released eight albums and five EPs.

The band have toured extensively in the United States, where they have experienced more success than in their native Britain. They are currently signed to Merge Records, a North-Carolina based independent record label owned by members of Superchunk.


MacLean and Hornsey both grew up in Hampshire, England, and began collaborating musically while still in school, after MacLean saw that Hornsey had written the name of the band Felt on his pencil case. The band formed in 1991, with Innes Phillips sharing singing and songwriting duties with MacLean; their original name was The Butterfly Collectors. The band re…Read more on Wikipedia